Back to Life

Author:  Kristin Billerbeck                             back to life
Publisher:  Avon Inspire
Pages: 272
Genre: Christian Fiction
Source: Kristi of Kritters Ramblings

Goodreads:  Lindsay took to marriage like a starlet to stilettos, but her husband had a deeper love for his business. Left alone after his death, Lindsay must find out who she is when there isn’t a party to plan or another person’s life to be organized. Can she find her way Back to Life?

Lindsay realized when she married Ron, a man seventeen years her senior, that the odds were he’d see heaven before her, but she never expected to be a widow at thirty-five. She knows there’s too much of life remaining for her to just sit around in mourning, but she can’t seem to kick-start the rest of her life. Then unexpected help arrives…when Ron’s first wife, Jane, shows up at Lindsay’s front door.

The executor of their late husband’s estate, Jane is everything Lindsay’s not: strong, stubborn, independent…and a lot older. There are other surprises as well, including Ron Jr. (whom Jane insists is not “really” Ron’s son). But against all odds, a most unlikely friendship begins to develop—as each woman discovers how to own up to her past mistakes and to reevaluate what is really important. Told in the alternating voices of Jane and Lindsay, and featuring the return of many of the unforgettable characters introduced in The Trophy Wives ClubBack to Life is a lighthearted, relatable read about where to turn when life goes in a direction you never planned.

Ope’s Opinion:  I liked this one a little more then the first Trophy Wife book. Maybe I liked it a little more because I felt like I knew some of the people.   It was nice to see things from both Jane’s and Lindsay’s perspectives.  I feel like you need to read the first book to really enjoy this one.

Even though it would be unlikely for Jane and Lindsay to have much of a relationship – under these circumstances it sort of makes sense.  You need someone who understands your situation when things are difficult.

I do like Kristin Billerbeck books – this series just isn’t my favorite of hers.  Still a quick, easy read.

Rating:  Three Chairs – I like the book enough to suggest it to a friend or two.
3 chairs

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