Two of a Kind

Author:  Yona Zeldis McDonough                two of a kind
Publisher: NAL Trade
Pages: 448
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Source: Edelweiss

Goodreads:  Ten years after losing her husband, Christina Connelly has worked through the pain, focusing on raising her teenage daughter and managing her small decorating business. But her romantic life has never recovered. Still, it’s irksome to be set up with arrogant, if handsome, doctor Andy Stern at her friend’s wedding. If he wasn’t also a potential client, needing his Upper East Side apartment redesigned, she would write him off.

This is never going to work, Andy thinks. Still grieving his wife and struggling with a troubled son, he’s not looking for a woman, and certainly not someone as frosty and reserved as Christina. Their relationship will be strictly business. Yet to everyone’s surprise—including their own—these two find themselves falling in love.

But if reconciling with their pasts is difficult, blending their lives and children to create a new family is nearly impossible. They’ve been given a second chance…but can they overcome all the obstacles in the way of happily ever after?

Ope’s Opinion:  I think this story shows that you never know where you might meet someone.  You also might be surprised by who that person could be.  Being very similar or very different, works depending on the two people.  These two characters in this story are very different, but it works for them.

At first I did not care for Andy.  Yona wrote him in such a way that I thought he was self centered and arrogant.    Some times I felt like he was doing things on his own terms without taking other people into consideration.  He grew on me as the story moved along.

Christina was a strong independent woman.  I liked that she had her own business and was doing fine on her own before she met Andy. She suddenly changed her mind ( no details – I don’t want to spoil the story ) towards the end of the book without an event to spark the change.  It seemed like it was out of no where.

I felt like the end was a little abrupt.  There were a lot of questions that I felt were left unanswered.

I will read another book by Yona Zeldis McDonough.

Rating:  Four Chairs – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.

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