A Library

If you have followed my blog – about a month ago, I showed you some library shelves.  I was trying to decide if I should put doors on the middle cabinet or the two larger ones.

Well, I decided!!  It only took a month!  No, we were just busy helping both our daughters to move, so my projects were on delay.  As you see I decided to put the doors on the two larger shelves.  Now to load the books.

 I have loaded the books.  I have plenty of room for more, so send me suggestions to fill my shelves!!

My daughter Kristi from Kritters Ramblings  has passed down the best of the books she has read.  So I made a shelf of just the ones from her.  This is her shelf.
  It is so much  nice to have a space for all my books.
Now I need some art, a comfy chair and side table.  All in good time.  Check back – I’ll update the growth of books and decorations as the library expands.


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