My First Blogaversary!!

A year ago today I was inspired by my daughter Kristin of Kritters Ramblings   to starting writing about what I read.  We had just come home from BEA, which was an exciting, amazing experience.  She has been my organizer of author and book events.  It has been such a pleasure to spend this special time with her.

Along the way, my daughter Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom has encouraged me and been patient enough to teach me some new things.  She is creative and is the owner of an etsy store called Day Dreaming Gifts.

My husband, although behind the scene, has been supportive of all my reading time, my collection of books and my galavanting off to many bookish things!

I hope there are many more enjoyable years of blogging.  I hope if you haven’t started a blog this might encourage you to start.  If you are blogging, keep going.
Thank you to all those who support me in this endeavor – couldn’t do it without you – wouldn’t want to – wouldn’t be as much fun!!

2 thoughts on “My First Blogaversary!!

  1. A big congratulations, Margie! I'm at the point in blogging where I have moments of wanting to let the blog go but just can't. I love the connections to other book lovers, authors, publishers, etc. And of course, learning about fabulous books I might not have without the blog.
    I hope you have a wonderful second year of book blogging!

  2. There are times when I get discouraged or don't have much time to read and feel pressure to hurry up and read something and think I might want to quit. Just want to read for reading sake and not to blog, but I do think I would miss it.

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