A Heartbeat Away

Author:  Harry Kraus                                                                  
Publisher:  David C. Cook
Pages:  384
Genre:  Christian / Suspense
Source:  Publisher

Goodreads:   When a brilliant surgeon undergoes a heart transplant, her life transforms as she begins experiencing memories of a murder she never witnessed. The residents worship her. Nurses step out of her way. Her colleagues respect and sometimes even fear her. But surgeon Tori Taylor never expected to end up on this side of the operating table. Now she has a new heart. This life that was formerly controlled and predictable is now chaotic. Dr. Taylor had famously protected herself from love or commitment, but her walls are beginning to crumble. And strangest of all, memories surface that will take her on a journey out of the operating room and into a murder investigation. Where there once was a heart of stone, there is a heart of flesh. And there is no going back.

Ope’s Opinion:  This story moved at a consistently slow pace. I wanted to see how it ended, so I didn’t give up on it. Two stories come together.   At first I was a little confused when the second story line just started at the beginning of a chapter with no idea who these other people were.  There was constant suspense in the story, but you sort of felt like you knew where it was going to go.  At the end of the story there were a couple of twists.  One of the twists came out of nowhere – felt like he was just trying to explain things and finish the book. 

                                      The main character ( Tori ) went through some major changes in her life.  It happened at such a slow pace that it was believable.   Some of the people around her accepted her changes right away, others were skeptical at first.

                                     I have read most of what Kraus has written.  This was not his best, but it wasn’t bad either.  His best in my opinion was The Chairman. That book made me want to read more of his writings.

Rating:  Three Chairs – I like the book enough to suggest it to a friend or two.

                 FTC – Disclosure of Material Connection: 
      I received one copy of this book free of charge from the publisher. 
            I was not required to write a positive review
                 in exchange for receipt of the book;
         rather the opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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