Happy Blogaversary!!

Hard to believe five years ago I started talking about books and haven’t stopped!

Not only have my books taken me all over the world, but I have taken my books with me where ever I go.  One of my great pleasures is reading a book and leaving it where I finished it, expecting someone to pick it up with excitement to read it.

The happiness I feel when a book arrives at my door or in my mailbox is as exciting as when I first started blogging.  I enjoy my relationship with authors, publishers and other bloggers, they have become friends.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!!

 These are my current reading shelves.

2 thoughts on “Happy Blogaversary!!

  1. Congratulations! I agree, getting a book in the mail is still as exciting today as it was when I began blogging. I love visiting your blog and wish you many years of great reading ahead.


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