BEA Bound!

Train tickets are bought, Hotel is booked, BEA registration is done – now we count down until we get to leave for BEA!!!  My daughter Kristin of Kritters Ramblings and I are really looking forward to this year.  

We are doing the Bloggers conference!  I am excited to learn new ideas that will improve my blog.  The schedule offers different aspects of blogging that I hope will make change what you see when you come to my website.

Since I have been to BEA once, I know to wear comfortable shoes, look over the author signing schedule so I don’t miss someone I am anxious to meet, and be prepared to mail some boxes home.  Any other advice from veteran BEA goers – please pass it on!

Also, if you are going to BEA please let me know.  I would love to meet other book enthusiasts.  It would be fun to grab a drink, discuss books or chat while we wait to meet an author.

Hope to see you in a month!!

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