Bout of Books – Midweek Update

BoB8.0-200x200It is Wednesday!  Half way through the week of Bout of Books.  I thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing!  Let me know if this has encouraged you to read more.

Here are the goals I have already reach:  I have spent more time reading and less wasted time on my computer.  Having my daughter Kristi of Kritters Ramblings doing it at the same time has been very encouraging to me.  We talk about our goals and where we are now.

Here is where I hope to be at the end of the week:  I hope to spend more time in the morning reading when it is quiet at my house.  I also want to look at my schedule on a regular week and see if I can’t fit in more time to read.

I will check back in on Sunday when we are all done.

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