Library Sale

Our Annual Library Sale!!!

Each year,  Kristi of Kritters Ramblings , Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom and I go the Loudoun County Library Sale.  It is an awesome girls day out together.  Since we are all book lovers, the event makes us all giddy!  We have different genres we are interested in, so we help each other search for the best books in each section.

We start off bringing bags to carry our treasures home in.

First we were off to the children’s section. Jennifer’s daughter ( my granddaughter ) gets her own supply from the sale.  Her Aunt KK ( Kristi ) helped me pick out a couple of great books.

Jennifer went off searching in the area of home improvement, crafts, etc.
She came up with several good ones for herself.
This is what the gym looked like when we walked in to start our shopping.  
I am sure you could find something here to read!

The back of the car after the shopping was done….

After the sale,  picked our favorite book to talk about over lunch! 

Great Day!!!


4 thoughts on “Library Sale

  1. wow – great supply of books! I love taking my niece and nephew to library sales – they really enjoy having carte blanche to get as much as they want.

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