Passing it on…

My love of books was passed on to me from my mother, who was influenced by her mother.  I have passed this love on to my daughters – Kristi of Kritters Ramblings and Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom.  Now I am enjoying the opportunity to pass the love of books on to my granddaughter Emma.

She will tell you, “My number ( her age ) will be four in July. ”  Then she will say, ” What will your number be in July? “.   As young as she is, we have started the I Can Read! series.  Here she is reading her Biscuit book.

Emma’s Aunt KK has a dog named Charlotte, so she enjoys reading books about dogs.
Emma’s other favorite is anything Cars.  So we found her a book about the Cars.
I think there is no better way to share a love of books then introducing a very young person to reading! Enjoy reading on any level!!

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