Meeting Kristyn Kusek Lewis

On August 24th I wrote a blog about Kristyn’s book How Lucky You Are.  It was such a great read. The fact that, Kristyn took the time to email me and link her website to my blog, made me really want to meet her. When I found out she was going to be at the Barnes and Noble in Reston, VA. – I made plans with my daughter Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom to go see her.  Kristyn made me feel like I was meeting up with an old friend.

If you have not had the opportunity to read her book, search it out – library, borrow it, down load it, whatever it takes – read it.
Starting the book with a dinner party, was a very inviting way to get to know all the characters.  I felt like I was sitting at the table with them.  It was very natural, not like a forced introduction to all the characters in the book.  At the dinner party, as well as meeting everyone, you were made aware of their relationships with each other.  After just a few pages, I wanted to know what happen to each character.   The book kept me interested right up until the end.
Can’t wait until the next book!

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