Wedding Week

This is the week my daughter gets married!  We are all excited.  The dress is picked out, the guests are ready to come, and all the details are planned.  We are looking forward to all the family we don’t see often enough.

When Kristin was little we gave her a precious moment Christmas ornament each year.  Now she is all grown up and ready to start her own traditions.  It has been an honor and a privilege to be her mom.

Since Kristin and I are book fan’s, we have been reading a few “wedding” books this summer.  Here are a few our favorites.

I believe Girls in White Dresses is  Kristin’s favorite.
 She has a signed copy on her shelf.

This is the book Kristin gave me when 
she let me know she was engaged.  

It is wonderful to share our love of books and to share this special time with her.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Week

  1. Thank you for the congratulations. We are having a good time! I have been still getting some reading in. After the wedding I am traveling to Calif. with my husband and all I am going to do it sit on the beach and read!


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