A Month of Blogging

A Month of Blogging

If you had asked me a year ago at this time if I would ever blog, I would have given you a wide eyed look and shook my head  no.  Both of my daughters, Kristin of Kritters Ramblings  and Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom have been blogging for some time.  I encouraged them, but never pictured myself blogging. 
It has been a month of blogging now.  I have learned how to post, how to add links, how to add pictures ( which makes everything more interesting ) and how to talk “blog” language!  It has come easier then I expect, but only because my girls have guided me and given me immeasurable support.
Becoming a part of the blogging community has been fun.  I have met a few new people.   I am looking forward to BEA next year too and reconnect with people I met this past year.
My next celebration I hope will be at my first year of blogging.  At this point I am taking it one day or one week at a time.  I hope if you are contemplating blogging that you have as much help and support along the way.  

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